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Our Story

Siren Training was formed in 2013 by Mat and Steve, who were previously firefighters from the London Fire Brigade. 

Using their vast lived experience and professional skills from the fire service, they set out to create a company which could support individuals and organisations with their first aid and fire safety needs. It had a simple point of differentiation – all training would be delivered by instructors with professional experience in the emergency services sector. Who better to deliver engaging and relevant training than those with lived experience? Every course would be brought to life with real-life accounts of first aid and fire emergencies from firefighters, police officers and nurses.

They quickly won favour with clients for their unique and candid approach and the company grew rapidly. 

When the pandemic struck in 2019, the threat to people’s mental health inflated. In response, Siren Training expanded to include the provision of mental health first-aid training – a natural extension within health and safety services. 

With Steve’s additional history as a British soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan, he was no stranger to trauma and he felt compelled to help reduce the stigma around mental ill-health. Mat was equally passionate about mental health, having witnessed the decline of several family members due to mental illness including anxiety disorders, depression and psychosis.

Instructors now included those with lived experience of mental health issues, carers, psychologists and those with experience working in various other mental health services.

After the passing of Mat’s father-in-law who had dementia in 2022, he and his family moved to Australia to start Siren Training Australia in Perth where they have been living ever since.

Siren Training has offices in London and Perth with clients from all over the world primarily in India, Africa, Singapore, UAE, UK and Australia.

The company continues to service its clients on the basis that the most engaging and interactive courses are led by instructors with lived experience.

Our Approach

Siren Training follows a compassionate, evidence-based approach to mental health first aid and wellness, emphasising:

Empathy and Understanding: We prioritise compassion and active listening as essential first steps in helping those in need.

Evidence-Based Training: Our programs are built on the latest research and best practices.

Practical Skills: We provide hands-on training for real-life scenarios, boosting confidence in offering support.

Cultural Sensitivity: Our training is culturally inclusive, respecting diverse backgrounds.

Preventative Measures: We focus on mental wellness and self-care, promoting prevention.

Ongoing Support: We offer continuous resources and updates to keep skills current.

Collaboration and Advocacy: We encourage collective action to reduce mental health stigma.

Siren Training’s approach aims to create a knowledgeable, empathetic, and proactive community committed to improving mental well-being for all.

Our Values


We empower individuals and organisations by equipping them with the knowledge and practical skills needed to make a positive impact on mental health and wellness.


We value diversity and inclusivity, recognising that mental health knows no boundaries. Our programs are designed to be culturally sensitive and accessible to all.


We are committed to excellence in all our endeavors. We continuously strive to provide the highest quality of training, resources, and support, guided by best practices and the latest research.

Our clients

Our regular clients include large recognisable brands

Our Mission

At Siren Training, our mission is to be the beacon of hope and knowledge in the field of mental health and wellness in Australia. We are committed to equipping individuals and organisations with the skills and compassion necessary to provide effective mental health first aid and to promote holistic mental wellness.

Our aim is to break the silence surrounding mental health issues by offering comprehensive, evidence-based training programmes that empower people to recognise, respond to and support those in mental distress. We strive to foster a society where mental health is de-stigmatised and where individuals feel safe, valued, and supported in their journey towards well-being.

Siren Training is dedicated to providing top-tier educational resources, expert guidance and a nurturing environment that encourages open conversations around mental health. We believe that by raising awareness and building a network of empathetic and capable mental health first aiders, we can create a brighter, more compassionate future for all Australians.

Through our unwavering commitment to excellence and empathy, Siren Training aspires to be the leading force in advancing mental health education and promoting lasting mental wellness in Australia. Together, we can be the lifeline that fosters hope, healing, and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Get To Know Us Better

Mat Walters

Founder and Managing Director

Carolyn Walters
Founder & MHFA TRainer

We are proud of

200 students daily

We typically train around 200 students daily and run 10-20 courses across the UK and globally

Great feedback

Through excellent feedback, word-of-mouth and recommendations, demand for our services grew rapidly

200 instructors

After gaining investment in 2015, we accelerated the business to the current team of 200 UK-based instructors

Since 2013

The company was founded in 2013 by Mat and Steve - emergency service workers with a combined 27 years of experience in the London Fire Brigade and British Military service

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