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Suicide Prevention Training

Learn how to have a safe conversation with another adult who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts or behaviours.

  • Learn how to:
    • Spot the warning signs for suicide
    • Talk to someone safely about their suicidal thoughts/behaviours
    • Support a person in crisis with confidence using best-practice strategies and resources to signpost to the most appropriate professional help
  • Please note this is an educational first aid course, not a therapy course or support group. It is not recommended if you have recently experienced a bereavement as a result of suicide. Please seek help from Beyond Blue if you require additional support.
  • Min. 6 pax, Max 16 pax





Blended Online


$180 + GST

$180 + GST


4 hours

  • 1 x 4-hour in-person session
  • No pre-learning

4 hours

  • Instructor-led Zoom sessions
  • No pre-learning 

What is provided?

Handbook provided at training site on Day 1

Handbook sent to delegate’s address

All our MHFA Training Courses are delivered by MHFA Australia-certified trainers. You will receive an MHFA Australia certificate

It is very important to understand that after course completion you will not become a therapist or psychology professional. You will not be able to treat anyone who has ill mental health. 


Instead, your role is simply a supportive one, like the title suggests, you will be the first contact to those who possibly could have mental health related issues. You can wear a special mental health first aider badge or lanyard. So people at your workplace could recognise and approach you if they need your help as a mental health first aider.  


On the course, you will be taught how to give mental health first aid for different conditions like depression, self-harm, psychosis, suicidal crisis, anxiety disorder, etc. You will be equipped with a strategy and action plan called ALGEE. 


The ALGEE plan acronym stands for


  • Approach the person, assess and assist with any crisis 
  • Listen and communicate non-judgmentally 
  • Give support and information 
  • Encourage the person to get appropriate professional help
  • Encourage other support


Remember your own mental health is always the priority. You choose to be a mental health first aider voluntarily.  If at any given time you feel that it can affect your own mental comfort and you don’t feel like supporting others, consider stepping down from a mental health first aider role. 

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